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Trip Ideas

From antique shopping expeditions to fishing adventures. Scenic hikes to gourmet journeys. Choose an idea that will help you feel at your best. Or create your own unique Kosciusko adventure with your own combination of these driving, scenic and walking tour ideas.

A Fisherman's Favorite Moments

Outdoor writer and avid fisherman, John Davis describes where to catch a variety of fish in select lakes of Kosciusko County. Whether you're looking for a small, intimate lake setting on Carr, Waubee, Banning, or Wyland lakes; or for more of a challenge catching larger fish on our Center, ... More

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A Foodie's Favorite Moments

David Phelps, a foodie who enjoys everything from local to exotic cuisine, give us a gastronomic bike tour around Winona Lake.

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A Golfer's Favorite Moments

Living in Kosciusko County for the first 32 years of his life, Dave Pacheco shares the courses and restaurants to hit for a great day of golf.

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A Grandparent's Favorite Moments

Judy Daniels take a look at some area attractions that her grandchildren enjoy when they visit.

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A Lake Lover's Favorite Moments

Rob Hueni and his family love to escape Indianapolis in order to spend part of the summer on lake Tippecanoe. He tells us about some of their fun activities be that swimming, boating, or just enjoying the beach on one of our many lakes here in Kosciusko County.

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A Tale of a Runner and His Reward

Davids Phelps a Winona Lake resident and local foodie shares a culinary tale of a favorite moment in Indiana's Kosciusko County. Autumn is a magical time to run on the trails in Kosciusko County. The leaves fall around me in hues of yellow, red, and orange. There are even a few shades of ... More

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An Antique Lover's Favorite Moments

Jerry and Denise Auer, along with sons Benford and Matthew, always enjoy going out on an occasional antique day. They love to find treasurers to fit in their 1880's Queen Anne home in Warsaw.

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Moment's From Our Past

County Historian Dan Coplen picks out some spots where you can get up-close and personal with the county's past. From museums detailing the history of Kosciusko County to brick streets in Leesburg to turn of the century restaurants who catered to gangsters (and might even be haunted by a few) ... More

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