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In Mentone, visit the big egg and eat at Java Jack’s. You can find out everything about Mentone at Java’s.

Mentone is the self-proclaimed “Egg Basket of the Midwest” because of prolific commercial egg production in the area, and holds an Egg Festival annually to celebrate their heritage.

Great moments

A large concrete egg stands near the town center and is considered locally to be the “Largest Egg in the World.”

At the beginning of June, Mentone comes alive with the annual Egg Festival. Three days of entertainment, sporting events, arts and crafts, car shows and an egg-citing parade draw visitors to Mentone’s vintage business district. For current information on the festival visit the website.

The Bell Aircraft Museum, located downtown near the crossroads of Indiana SR 19 & 25, is a memorial to local legend and aviation pioneer Lawrence D. Bell. Visitors enjoy access to Mr. Bell’s private collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia.

Did you know?

  • The Mentone Egg is promoted as the World’s Largest Egg, though there is a competition with the town of Winlock, Washington, who claims the world’s largest egg.
  • Lawrence Bell, founder of Bell Aircraft Corporation, was born in Mentone. The firm produced such significant aviation contributions as the nation’s first jet propelled airplane, world’s first commercial helicopter, and the Bell X-1A.